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Amanda Hayes-Blocksom

Certified Financial Planner™

Amanda Hayes-Blocksom is a CFP, business owner, educator, public speaker, author, and podcast/radio host. As the founder, President, and Chief Investment Officer of Aurion Wealth and Aurion Wealth Advisors, Amanda has achieved remarkable success in the financial industry for nearly 2 decades. Her passion for sharing her expertise with others has earned her recognition as one of the Top 40 Under 40 most influential business leaders in the Volusia/Flagler counties, multiple finance awards, and consistent qualification for the Million Dollar Roundtable. Her passion for the things she loves is boundless, and she is never shy about sharing her enthusiasm with others. She is always eager to help others discover the joys and benefits of these pursuits for themselves. For her, there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing others embrace something that has brought her so much personal satisfaction and success.

Amanda’s expertise extends beyond her own business ventures. She has been featured on numerous radio shows, podcasts, and news outlets for her market commentary and wit. She helps professional and executive individuals and families who have successful careers and thriving businesses but want to delegate their personal finances to a competent team. She shows clients how to make the right choices to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Amanda’s core belief is that success depends on passion combined with consistency, a philosophy she applies both professionally and personally. Amanda is a dedicated learner who always seeks to expand her knowledge and expertise in her field. In her free time, she enjoys skiing, fishing, and exercising, all of which help her stay healthy and energized. Most importantly, she cherishes spending time with her husband and family, creating wonderful memories together. Amanda’s approach to success is built on the foundation of the 7-28 Method, which focuses on creating harmony between mindset, health, relationships, emotions, financials, environment, and spirituality. Amanda’s clients are her utmost priority, and she is committed to empowering others to achieve their financial and personal goals.


Amanda has been featured on local radio and news outlets for her market commentary. Her archived shows are available in the Media section of this site from previous radio shows in 2021 with the late Marc Bernier of WNDB called Money Talk with Marc & Amanda. The show features market commentary which syndicated to iTunes and all podcast channels.

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Amanda’s new book

Meet your Boss

7 Strategies to take charge of your life, love and financial future

  • Shift your mind from scarcity to abundance
  • Take insights on the psychology of financial habits
  • Be your own provider, set boundaries, aspire for more and find your superpowers

About the book

The most important move is the one you make next! In “Meet Your Boss,” Amanda Hayes-Blocksom shares her wisdom and experience in empowering women to create financial and personal success. With a focus on shifting mindsets from scarcity to abundance, Amanda teaches readers how to become their own boss and take control of their lives.

She presents her self-developed 7-28 Method, a concise yet ultra-effective process that teaches readers how to reprogram their thinking and create harmony in all aspects of their lives, including mindset, health, relationships, emotions, financials, environment, and spirituality. Drawing on her own experience starting a successful company in male-dominated circles, Amanda shares insights on the psychology of financial habits, setting boundaries, and finding your superpower. This book provides not just knowledge, but also the necessary steps to implement the 7-28 Method into daily life. If you’re ready to become the boss of your own life and achieve long-lasting success and happiness, “Meet Your Boss” is the roadmap you need.


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