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Our initial engagement is the Discovery Chat, a simple conversation designed to understand your personal and financial circumstances. During this 15-to-30-minute chat, we aim to gather crucial insights, helping us understand what your aspirations are and what financial concerns might be keeping you up at night to evaluate if we can truly add value to your current situation. This is your opportunity to share, while we listen, to better assist you on your financial journey. It’s also a space for us to explore the possibility of a potential partnership, as finding the right fit is crucial to both of us. In turn, it’s equally important for you to feel confident in your choice of advisor. You should feel assured in our knowledge and expertise to guide you effectively in your planning. Should we determine that another solution may serve you better, we’ll happily provide recommendations accordingly. Ultimately, our aim is to ensure that you’re equipped with an advisor who can best support your journey towards achieving your financial goals.

02step 2

Gathering Client Data and Goals

Upon deciding to work together, we continue by meticulously collecting data about your financial landscape and personal ambitions. Understanding your personal and financial goals for the short and long term are vital in planning. This can take place through in-person meetings, telephone conversations, or virtual communications, as best suits your convenience. To construct a comprehensive base-case financial plan tailored to your needs, we request specific details from you. This encompasses a thorough analysis of your income streams, day-to-day expenses, anticipated major outlays such as college tuition, caring for a loved one, or an inflow of a bonus, stock options, future inheritances etc. We are compiling a complete overview of your assets, which could include investments and real estate. We also consider any liabilities you may have, like mortgages, business loans, equity positions or credit card debts. For the utmost accuracy, we require up-to-date statements from all relevant sources. By combining these details with your goals identified in the Discovery Chat, we can start to create a personalized financial roadmap that aligns with your unique journey.

03step 3

Analyze and Evaluate

Building upon the data and goals gathered in Step 2, we proceed to critically analyze your financial circumstances and carefully evaluate your current investment portfolio. This step aims to ensure your present investments harmoniously align with your stated ambitions. In this phase, we will fill any potential knowledge gaps regarding your situation such as requesting additional information from social security benefits or cost basis questions from investments, stock options or real estate purchases.

04step 4

Developing and Presenting Planning Recommendations

After our thorough evaluation, we design a personalized base financial plan, highlighting recommendations and options tailored to guide you towards your goals. We take the utmost care to present this plan to you for your careful review and valuable feedback. As your trusted fiduciary advisors with whom you’ve embarked on this financial journey, we emphasize that this plan is not rigid. Instead, it’s a flexible blueprint that we can adjust as necessary during this consultation prior to its implementation. This allows us to ensure that the plan remains perfectly attuned to your needs and aspirations at all times. Engagement in financial advice is a reciprocal process, with responsibilities resting with both us as your advisors and you as our client. Together, we will decide how to proceed with the refined plan, ensuring our continued collaboration aligns seamlessly with your evolving financial landscape.

05step 5

Presenting the Final Planning Recommendations

After our in-depth discussions and any required adjustments, we finalize the tailored financial plan and present it to you. This comprehensive plan incorporates your unique needs, goals, and financial circumstances. It aims to provide a detailed and integrated roadmap for achieving your short-term and long-term financial objectives. We walk you through each recommendation, explaining the reasoning behind every strategy, and providing clarity on how these steps align with your goals. We aim to ensure that you feel informed, empowered, and confident in the decisions being made. After all, understanding and being comfortable with the strategic recommendations are vital for the success of your financial plan. We encourage you to ask any questions or raise any concerns you may have at this stage. Our commitment to your financial success means that we are always ready to provide further explanations, or make additional modifications to ensure your complete comfort and understanding.

06step 6

Implementation of Financial Plan Recommendations and Detail Finalization

Following your approval of the tailored financial plan, we initiate the implementation of the agreed-upon recommendations. As we progress, we’ll engage in further discussions, whether through meetings or phone calls, working closely with you to fine-tune every detail of your plan. Our goal is to ensure we comprehensively address your diverse financial needs in a manner that’s both clear and easily understood. In our mission to ‘clarify and simplify’, we consolidate your investment accounts using a trusted custodian. We have established relationships with industry-leading custodians such as LPL Financial, Fidelity Investments & Charles Schwab, aiming to provide you with top-tier service and peace of mind. This allows us to adjust your asset allocation effectively, optimizing investment returns and minimizing tax implications. Additionally, we provide training on how to utilize your Client login tools available and access your personalized Balance Sheet’s, Cash Flow Statements and full aggregate holdings view on your personal financial dashboard. This helps to keep you informed and engaged with your financial plan, supporting the collaborative nature of our partnership.

07step 7

Monitor & Review

Your financial plan isn’t static, but a dynamic instrument that requires regular monitoring and adjustment to remain aligned with your changing needs, circumstances, and financial markets. We commit to a continuous review process that includes regular check-ins, quarterly reports, and annual meetings, as well as impromptu discussions as needed. During these reviews, we assess the performance of your financial plan, identifying any changes in your financial situation or personal goals, and making necessary modifications to keep your plan on track. This ongoing dialogue ensures that your financial strategy remains optimal, relevant, and attuned to your aspirations. Whether it’s a change in your personal life, such as a career transition or a new family member, or a change in the economy or financial markets, we are prepared to respond and recalibrate your plan as needed. This process of regular monitoring and review not only ensures that your financial plan is proactive and adaptable, but it also reinforces our commitment to transparency, open communication, and a strong, enduring partnership.


At Aurion Wealth Management, we prioritize understanding your unique financial situation before providing advice. Our 7-step onboarding process allows us to tailor our services to your specific needs, so you can achieve your financial goals with confidence.

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